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Homoeopathic Protection and Treatment of Radioactivity


Ravi Roy & Carola Lage-Roy



In countries further away from Japan there is no urgent need to act. Nevertheless a certain amount of preparation is advisable at the moment – in a sense, preparation has been always been necessary due to the very existence of nuclear reactors. Right from the very beginning, radioactive emissions from reactors have been and remain a common affair, but this has never been openly publicized. For political reasons, knowledge about the extent of such emissions has been withheld from the public. Therefore one can hardly ever know when one is inadvertently being exposed to substantial amounts of radioactivity.


After the Chernobyl disaster we immediately got down to writing a homoeopathic guide about dealing with radioactivity (it was published in German: Homöopathischer Ratgeber – Radioaktivität). The book helped many thousands of people to protect themselves and many got rid of their acute and chronic poisoning symptoms in very short time. Since then we have had 25 further years of experience in treating people with radioactive poisoning symptoms.


Protection for the present case



Radium bromatum and Plutonium are recommended

Radium iodide instead of Radium bromatum for those with weak thyroids, with Hashimoto etc.



The best potency for most people is the 1m (one thousand).

For strong and healthy persons the 10m (ten thousand) is recommended.

For weaker and ill persons and very small children the 200.

For the gravely sick the 30.


When is protection possible?

At any time and even parallel to an ongoing homoeopathic treatment.

Never during an aggravation and its aftermath, during a healing reaction or a detrimental reaction. (For more detailed information about the rules regarding protection see our book, Homeopathic Guide for Travellers, North Atlantic Books, Berkeley, California).



The general dosage is two pills once a week, in alternation– Radium bromatum and Plutonium. This continues for eight weeks, i.e. four doses of each remedy. The procedure can be repeated once a year or more often if necessary.

For those who are weaker, ill or gravely sick: one dose every two weeks in alternation and only three doses per remedy. The time period is then extended to three months.


Dosage during danger of exposure

The dosage during exposure is determined by the serverity of the case and can be as often as twice daily in alternation. The greater the danger, the more protection the body needs.


Treatment of acute radioactive poisoning

The following is a short account of the homoeopathic possibilities:


Radium bromatum or, as an alternative, Radium iodatum is the most important remedy for acute symptoms of radioactive poisoning. The person involved is extremely depressed and has no energy to do anything. He or she has no desire to get out of bed and can hardly do so.


Plutonium will be of great importance in Japan. It has a strong action on the lungs, which feel very much exerted. A dry, hard cough can appear. There is much pressure on the throat and also a kind of inimical pressing in the head and jaws.


Kali iodide will be needed every time new radioactive emissions take place and radioactive iodine is released. It is given in the 3x potency three times a day one tablet or five drops in a little water. Pregnant women and weakened persons may even need up to six doses per day. If 3x is not available 4x or even 6x will do.


Strontia carbonica has a very weakening, tormenting and burning diarrhoea.


Caesium has a very deep depression. In a sense all radioactive remedies have depression, but in the case of Caesium it is as if one is bound down by it. Muscle pains, especially back pains which make movement very difficult.


Phosphorus may be needed as an adjunct to radium bromatum if it does not fully control the fever and vomiting. Give it on its own if radium bromatum has had little effect. Phosphorus has high fever with much vomiting. It is a burning heat as if the internal body is being burnt. Desire for very cold drinks in large quantities.


Rhus venenata has extreme itching, especially if large blisters form. Important if radium bromatum does not help with the itching.


Food and Diet


Eat high quality, nutritious whole foods.

Consume greater quantities of vegetables and fruits.

Sprouts and wheat grass juice are very helpful.

A little red wine (about 50 ml once or twice a day) helps to eliminate radioactive substances from the body.

For very sick persons with high fever and much vomiting or diarrhoea it is advisable to eat nutritious soups and gruels, especially with the use of barley or oat sprouts or flakes. A small quantity of barley malt may also be used.


Do not use iodized salt! Use sea-salt or rock salt.


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